Kinderladen Yong

We care for appreciating and valuing each other. Our kids are as diverse and colorful as Neukölln is. Our children generate encounters across social and cultural backgrounds – which we experience as greatly enriching. We are looking for families who contribute to sustaining this Neukölln Kiez community and who want their kids to experience this community, too.
Please check out the basic facts about our Kinderladen and our expectations.

Come work with us

We are currently looking for new colleagues to strengthen our team.

Available childcare in spring 2020

We are looking for a child to join our childcare facility this spring; ideally, the child

  • female, intersex, trans*
  • is born betrween october 2014 and may 2015
  • comes with a
    • multi-language or non-German language background, and
    • full day care entitlement, >7h (updated 26 Jan 2020).

We ask to not visit the Kinderladen in person if you have not been invited by us via email.

Interested in our childcare?

    Please open a "ticket", if you are interested in childcare at Kinderladen Yong. Before you fill the form, please consider how you like to support and help out the Kinderladen.

      General inquires and data protection

      • General inquirys: please write an email.
      • Visits: to the Kinderladen only on explicit and written invitation.
      • Data protection: By using our online services you accept our data protection policy.

      For our active parents

      Engagement in our Kiez

      • We are gladly to have repeatedly cooperated with and been supported by Quartiersmanagement des Donaukiezes!
      • We contribute to open public infrastructures of the Kiez: directly by offering childcare, but also by running an access point in cooperation with Berlin Freifunk.

      Publishing information